About Us

About Teaching Driving Limited

Teaching Driving Limited owns and operates a

  • large national driving school called LDC (Learner Driving Centre) with hundreds of franchised driving school operators around the UK
  • DVSA ORDIT approved training centre to train people to pass the DVSA Approved Driving Instructors (ADIs) examination
  • an internet driver training aids and supply business
  • bespoke software development business
  • training resources development business
  • car rental firm call Business Car Rentals Limited
  • EDEXCEL approved training centre
  • ILM (City and Guilds) approved training centre

through their offices at LDC House, Stuart Road, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 4PQ. The company was created in 1991 when it purchased Learner Driving Centres.

Our commitment to quality

The notion of quality is relative. Relative to the expectations of our customers and relative to what our competitors can offer – neither of which remain static. Hence, products and services that might be considered as quality today might well be considered mediocre tomorrow. It is probably safe to say that expectations will only raise and only those companies who can continue to offer more for less or more for the same price are likely to prosper in the longer term. Therefore, there are two main aspects to controlling quality. Firstly, it is about the ability to recognise where quality needs to be improved to meet both current and/or future expectations and secondly, having the processes in place to make those improvements happen.

The provision of quality in any company heavily depends upon having the right people in the first place – people who are industrious, committed, competent and motivated. Individuals who take a real pride and joy in what they do and who are always striving to be better. This then is our take on quality.

We employ a simple Quality Management System. Namely:

  1. Say what we do.
  2. Do what we say.
  3. Document what we have done.
  4. Measure any difference.
  5. Act upon that difference.

Approved driving instructor (ADI) professional development

Continuing professional development (CPD) is training you can take to keep your skills up to date – or even to gain new qualifications.

As an approved driving instructor (ADI), you can take CPD in different ways. You can:

  • update your teaching or driving skills
  • go to local or national meetings or seminars
  • research new vehicles for your business
  • spend time developing your business skills
  • take one of our courses leading to a recognised qualification (shown on the QCF framework)
  • spend time on the internet carrying out research
  • network with other driver trainers

Record your CPD

You should keep a record of any CPD you undertake.
Committing to CPD might set you apart from your competition, who would you rather learn with, someone who has stagnated, or someone who is keeping their slkills up to date and learning the latest techniques?

The CPD you take should link with the competencies in the driver trainer competence framework. Coaching (or client centred learning) is to be assessed on check test from 2014, are you ready for it?

Commit to CPD

How will you develop yourself as an instructor? Pleasetake some time to look at the courses currently on offer and think about which of them might be of use to you. We are trying to develop courses that are relevant to the industry, your pupils and of course, you. We are always happy to hear from you about what you think the CPD programme should contain.

CPD and the DVSA

You can record your commitment to CPD on the .Gov website and this will show you in instructor searches if you:

  • do at least 7 hours of CPD every year
  • agree to follow the voluntary ADI code of practice

Your commitment to CPD will be highlighted to learner drivers using the ‘Find your nearest driving instructors’ service if you agree to your details being published.