Fleet training course

The LDC, DVSA accredited, Fleet Driver Training Course is aimed at those ADI’s wishing to take their professionalism a stage further into the field of coaching professional drivers.

We aim to build on your existing skills and knowledge by introducing and encouraging new skills which will enable you to successfully qualify as a DVSA Fleet Trainer.

You must hold a valid ADI registration certificate and be able to drive to a very advanced level.

The course is delivered in modular form and you will progress at a rate to suit your ability and current workload.

The course Modules are:

Report writing
Advanced driving
Energy saving trust (EST) Eco driving

Module 1 Theory

This module consists of 100 multiple choice questions based on the DVSA Fleet Driver Training question bank. The pass mark is 85% You also need to score 80% in each of the 4 question bands, meaning it is possible to score 94% and still fail.

You will complete your study online using the LDC Fleet driver theory portal where you will have access to the DVSA question bank and extensive mock testing.

Module 2 Presentation

You are required to give a short interactive in car presentation highlighting occupational road risk. Your presentation should be informative, based on road safety statistics, heavily Q&A based and involve the client. In advance of the course you will have access to road safety statistics and presentation guidance.

Module 3 Advanced driving

Your driving will be assessed and you will be given feedback to enable you to elevate your to a very high standard, driving but we must stress that it is your responsibility to ensure that your driving improves.

This is an advanced driving test and a very high standard is expected, no more than 4 driving faults are allowed. The drive will last for approximately 1 hour driving on all types of roads. At some point you will be required to provide a descriptive commentary drive for at least 10 minutes.

This test will be conducted in your own vehicle and you are allowed three attempts.

Module 4 Report writing

In Fleet training it is important that you are able to write a clear and concise report identifying risk and strategies for future development for both your client and potentially their employee. There are apps available for the iPad and android devices that can make this task easier.

Module 5 Coaching

The driver you are assessing/coaching may have a number of faults and it is your task to identify and prioritise the most serious faults. For example a driver who has 12 positioning faults and 2 vehicle separation faults would need the emphasis on vehicle separation. Because the driver will be a full licence holder, you will need to be able to develop ways of getting the driver to come to his own solutions, you cannot simply identify the fault and direct them to do it differently.

The training and test will be conducted in a role play situation and the test will be conducted in your own vehicle, you are allowed three attempts at the test of coaching ability.

Module 6 Energy Savings Trust Eco driving

To enable you to take advantage of the Energy savings trust subsidies available to fleet trainers you will receive the EST train the trainer workshop as part of your LDC fleet training.

Pre course preparation

In order to achieve Fleet qualification it is important that you prepare for your course. Therefore we suggest that you complete the following before attendance:

  • Register and practice the theory on the LDC fleet theory portal until you are consistently passing the mock tests.
  • Prepare your presentation (speak with Bob Morton for help and guidance on this subject).
  • Ensure your driving is at a very high standard (perhaps consider joining one of the advanced driving organisations)
  • Practice your coaching techniques (you are teaching full licence holders who cannot be “told what to do”
  • Practice your descriptive commentary driving (speak with Bob Morton for guidance)

The Fleet Driver training courses are held at our head office at Pontefract. Please call Bob Morton on 01977 691 814  to find out about the courses available.


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