New Standards Check Roadshow

Following the huge success of these workshops at our head office in Pontefract, we have decided to take it “on the road” to enable ADI’s everywhere to gain the advantage it offers in terms of instructor development and increase in referral business. The course will  help you fully appreciate all aspects of what you will be assessed on during the New Standards Check plus a great introduction into how to incorporate a client centred learning approach into your driving lessons.

Don’t miss this great opportunity to attend the New Standards Check one day workshop at venues throughout the UK for only £99 per attendee including lunch.

According to the DVSA a fifth of ADIs attending the New standards check are failing, so the idea that doing what you always did will work is obviously not correct!!!Coaching3
On the workshop you will learn about the practices and principles of client-centred learning based on our straight forward ‘Three- hat’ approach (safety hat, advisor’s hat and coaching hat). You will learn how to apply this approach to your working life and the new standards check.  The workshop will give you a solid starting point to help you further develop a client centred approach. It will build upon what you already know rather than trying to de-construct what you already do well. You will learn how you can make the journey from teacher-centred to student-centred training without disruption to your business.

The morning session covers the background to client-centred learning (i.e. coaching) and the development of LDC’s unique three hat approach to enable coaching to be effectively incorporated into driver training. The afternoon session focusses on the New standards Check and how to apply these principles and gain the A grade you desire. The sessions are very interactive with lots of opportunities to participate. Lots of examples of real lessons are shown on video as part of the workshop to help you see what we mean in practice.

To help remind you of the day certain video’s are available to you to examine through our special New DVSA Standards Check Training Videos playlist on our YouTube channel. You will need to give Bob your Google+ account user name so that we can authorise access to these excellent private videos on our YouTube channel.

In addition you will be given a comprehensive reflective diary (to help monitor your progress and develop these new skills) plus the most complete guide to Client-centred learning in the UK which expands upon LDC’s unique three hat approach.

Over 300 people have attended the the New Standards Check Workshop in 2014. To make it available to all it will become a “roadshow” at the venues below. Please ring or use the form below for more information. The road show will go around the whole of the UK with preference given to those areas showing most demand. If you are the chairman of your local driving instructor association and you would like us to run a workshop for your members please give Bob a call. However, a minimum of 20 delegates are needed to make it viable.

New schedule for 2015 will follow. If you are the chairman of your local association give Bob a call and he will arrange a workshop just for your group (need a minimum of 20 delegates)

New ADI Standards Check Test Workshop dates:

Pontefract 17th Feb 2015

Pontefract 21st april 2015

New ADI Standards Check Test Workshop Itinerary:

Course starts at 10.00 am
Finish approx 4.30 pm

Lunch is provided

Price £99

Please hurry as places are limited to 20 to enable maximum audience participation. Call 01977 691805 to book your place today.  This will probably be the best £99 you ever spend. Don’t miss this opportunity to attend what is undoubtedly the best one day workshop of it’s kind. See what some independent driving instructors have to say about our workshop in comparison to other they have attended.

Recent feedback from independent driving school attendees

Below is just a few of the comments received

Jim Trafford
Alpha School of Motoring
Just a quick line to let you know that I obtained an A on my Standards check on December 4th. The course I attended on August 13th really helped both the teaching and especially the handouts which I kept referring back to. I am now looking to improve my coaching skills and would appreciate it if you would let me have details of any availability of courses in 2015.
Wishing you all the best for Christmas and the New year. Thanks again.

Judy Lawton (BTEC level 4 coaching)

The course is excellent value and I would recommend it to any ADI. The Standards Check was explained in simple terms and very well defined with good examples. Great day thanks.

Marie Haddon

I got a full house 51 marks Grade A. I am so proud and I wanted to thank all the LDC team.

Barrie Keast (BTEC level 4 coaching)

Having attended courses with Ged, Claire and Kathy and having attained BTEC Level 4 with Tri-Coaching, this course I have found more informative, and delivered in PLAIN ENGLISH. Bob’s enthusiasm is infectious.

George Popowycz

Better information than DIA and NJC. Good tutor very approachable. Good overall experience would recommend.

Julie Roberts

Compared to the Standards Check course run by the DIA, this made a lot more sense. Bob dispelled alot of myth and simplified my understanding of what is now required. I am now able to go away with the knowlegde and guidance of how best to adapt my current coaching techniques and prepare for my standards test. I’m also looking forward to experimenting with my pupils and building my confidence and ability further.

David Stevens

After attending a number of coaching/standards check courses, I found the LDC approach to be the most helpful.

David Mckiernan

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being there when you were really needed.  I’ve just completed a really successful day using my new found skills 6 of my 7 clients said that they enjoyed the new learning experience and it was very rewarding for them obtaining new skills.  I will be in contact soon regarding more courses.

Neil Temperton

Once again, thank you so much for hosting the CCL  Course . I found it to be extremely enlightening with regards to my impending standards check test [Obtained a grade A]. My congratulations to you on the way you presented and delivered the course . You gave me the knowledge and confidence to walk into test knowing in minute detail what to to expect. The coaching techniques you covered on should invaluable in my future development as a driving instructor.

Mark Thompson

Very helpful and has dispelled all the concerns I had. I’m also armed with real information and not rumour control.

Stewart Bailey

Having previously studied the examiners criteria, this workshop provided additional knowledge not previously considered. The workshop explains what and why, and also a bit of how, which was probably the most useful part for me.

Susan Price

Just to thank you for what was an excellent and informative course yesterday. Already putting what I learnt into use.

John Davdson

Very enjoyable well presented course. Feeling better about Standards Check now.

Terry spargo

Hi Bob just to let you know that  I passed my standards check with flying colours after attending your course. I enjoyed the day and can’t thank you enough for your help.

Harjit Bhambra

Gave me an excellent understanding of what is expected from the Standards Check.

Andy Wood

An excellent course that has given me a greater understanding of coaching and the new Standards Check. Coaching is not the mystery it was before today.

Jon Gore

Really hit the spot. Great mix of information and involvement.

Droe Kay

A toughly enjoyable course. Bob kept it interesting and fun. Will certainly recommend.

Leanne West-Wilson

What a great day – very enjoyable!!! Will be back for more.

Amanda Lockwood

Very enjoyable, friendly and informative course. Will be looking into taking some more LDC training.

Melanie McCormick

Was very interesting. Gave me better knowledge and understanding of the new Standards Check. This course should help me better my techniques.

Warren Coe

Really enjoyed the course and found Bob to be inspiring and helpful throughout the process. The recorded sessions with Bob’s learners in particular was interesting to see as it was real life situations rather than simulation.

Paul Conquest

Before the course I was baffled by all the different advice by some Associations including official advice “Do the same as you have done on previous check tests as it is not much different…” Bob has made it all a lot clearer and easier to understand. Now to put it into practice.

Course rating

People who attended the Workshop were asked to rate the course from very bad to excellent under the following headings. Below are the results of all the people attending up to 11th December 2014:

Content and management

Excellent 77%
Good 23%
Neither good or bad 0%
Bad 0%
Very Bad 0%


Excellent 73%
Good 26.7%
Neither good or bad .3%
Bad 0%
Very Bad 0%

Support for learners

Excellent 76%
Good 24%
Neither good or bad 0%
Bad 0%
Very Bad 0%

86% ticked Excellent on at lease one of the above headings

Video snippets from a workshop day

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